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F3 Key Tracker

The key tracker F3 is a smart and tiny tracking device.
It is developed based on a new kind of Bluetooth radio system.
The F3 not only help you to find your stuff where it is, but also help you to keep your stuff never lost again.
It is easy to be attached to your wallets, bags, car keys, remotes and other stuff.


Find & anti-lost function

LED and buzzer indication

Replaceable coin battery

External ON/OFF push button to save the battery lifetime

Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series with ARM core

Easy to print a customization Logo/branding on the case

Portable device, keychain and neck string available for optional




Item Value
Case Color White
Battery Model CR2025
Operation Voltage 1.8-3.6V
Transmission Circuit 10.5mA (Max.)
Transmission Range 30 meters
Antenna 50ohm
Net Weight 9.0g
Size 37 x 37x 6.2 mm

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