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E6 Ambient Light Sensor

The ambient light sensor beacon E6 is the latest basic IoT sensor device. It can detect whether there is light or not.
It can detect the ambient light and output the illuminance range.
The hardware is based on the ultra-low power consumption BLE chipset nRF52 series.


IP65 waterproof

Included a light sensor

The max. 50 meters advertising distance

Bluetooth 5.0 chipset nRF52 series

Small size, ultrasonic assembling technology


Item Value
Case Color Black
Battery Model 1 x CR2032
Operation Voltage 1.7-3.9V
Transmission Circuit 6.5mA (Max.)
Transmission Range 50 meters
Light sensor Photo-resistor
Ambient light sensor
Broadcasting Interval 10 seconds
Antenna 50ohm
Accessories Double adhesive
Net Weight 6.5g
Size 42.5*23.5*5.3mm

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