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Bluetooth UART module MS48SF2

UART module MS48SF2 is a small size and stand-alone module with 12 GPIO. The data transmission between module and mobile phone can be achieved via operation of UART. With up to 60-meter working distance in open space, 512KB flash memory and -97dBm received sensitivity, the data can be transmitted via Bluetooth.


• Bluetooth 5.0 technology

• 12  GPIOs

• 512kb Flash Memory

• 50 ohm PCB antenna

• Range: 10-60Mopen space)

• Size: 15.8×12×2mm

• Metal shielding with marking

• Transmission speed is up to 3kB/s

• UART instruction supported


Working voltage: 3.0- 3.6V

Working frequency: 2400-2483 MHz

Working temperature: -30°C- +60 °C

Transmitted power: -20~+5dBm

Transmitted current: 8mA/0dBm

Received sensitivity: -97dBm


•  The default module MS48SF2 is a Bluetooth UART module.
•  Minew will provide the module with no firmware inside if required.
•  Minew also willing to load customer’s firmware in the factory before the shipment.

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