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Bluetooth UART module MS48SF2

UART module MS48SF2 is a small size and stand-alone module with 12 GPIO. The data transmission between module and mobile phone can be achieved via operation of UART. With up to 60-meter working distance in open space, 512KB flash memory and -97dBm received sensitivity, the data can be transmitted via Bluetooth.


• Bluetooth 4.0 technology

• 12  GPIOs

• 512kb Flash Memory

• 50 ohm PCB antenna

• Range: 10-60Mopen space)

• Size: 15.8×12×2mm

• Metal shielding with marking

• Transmission speed is up to 3kB/s

• UART instruction supported


Working voltage: 1.7- 3.6V

Working frequency: 2400-2483 MHz

Working temperature: -30°C- +60 °C

Transmitted power: -20~+5dBm

Transmitted current: 8mA/0dBm

Received sensitivity: -97dBm


•  The default module MS48SF2 is a Bluetooth UART module.
•  Minew will provide the module with no firmware inside if required.
•  Please note: m1805 is Minew’s own Bluetooth low energy Soc, Minew does not provide SDK to customer’s firmware development. You can use Minew slave Uart, or discuss the firmware customization service with us.

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