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B6 Wristband Beacon

The B6 wristband beacon is a new generation beacon that loaded Bluetooth 4.0 hardware platform, and supports to advertise standard iBeacon. You can configure the parameters via BeaconSET App.

B6 takes the design of magnet switch to turn on/off the device, and improve the waterproof grade up to IP66. Utilizing the disposable detachable wristband, can help to maximize recycling. Besides, it can be widely applied to personnel tracking, activity monitoring solutions etc.


Protocol Standard iBeacon Yes
Radio Bluetooth Bluetooth low energy 4.0
Antenna PCB antenna
Transmit interval Configurable 100ms to 10s
Transmit power -30dBm, -20dBm,-16dBm, -12dBm, -8dBm, -4dBm,0dBm,4dBm
Additional configuration options 0 Connectable, configuration mode; 1 Non-connectable, deployment mode.
Range Up to 30 meters
Battery Model CR2032
Capacity 225mAh
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C (Battery limit)
Expected life 8.5 months by default
Service Configuration App BeaconSET, iOS & Android
Warranty 1 year


Construction Material ABS plastic housing
Dimensions 36.2*26.1*7.2mm
Weight 7.0g
Color White
Features Wristband Disposable detachable wristband
Waterproof grade IP66
Power on/off Magnetic switch


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