Wirepas Mesh IoT Starter Kit Powered by Symples​

Wirepas Mesh IoT Starter Kit Powered by Symples​

Wirepas is a highly scalable mesh networking technology, that is ideal for creating massive IoT networks. This Minew IoT Starter Kit with Wirepas mesh technology provides you with a simple to implement, reliable and cost-effective solution to trial Wirepas, including everything you need for tracking. With the Symbiotech’s Symples platform, the system can be set up in minutes without prior experience with Wirepas.

How to set up your Wirepas Asset tracking solution in 10 minutes

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Step 1. Install the 6 battery powered anchors at each corner of your space. Record the ID of each Anchor by scanning QR code
Step 2. Attach each tracker to an asset. Record the ID of each Tag by scanning QR code
Step 3. Plug the C2 Sink Gateway into a computer inside that space
Step 4. Launch Symples tag management software tool to check the network is forming with all the tags
Step 5. Launch Navigine platform with your credentials as supplied. Configure your room and start moving asset to see how they move around the room

The best way to get started with asset tracking, powered by Wirepas

This starter kit showcases Wirepas’s capabilities for asset tracking and monitoring. Set-up is simple and optimised for quick demonstrations.Included in the kit are:

  • Bluetooth® IoT devices with Wirepas embedded firmware
  • 6 anchors to cover up to 500sqm space (TBC)
  • 6 asset tags with different size and battery life
  • 1 USB dongle Gateway to plug into your computer (Mac or PC)
  • Symples device management platform
  • Navigine tracking platform, free for 2 weeks

Navigine platform for Demonstration and Testing

The IoT devices have been reconfigured with Wirepas firmware and powered by Symples software tool management (facilitating centralized management of IoT devices) and send the data collected via MQTT (open source) to Navigine platform.
The Navigine platform includes the following features:

  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Accidents reporting
  • Asset localization
  • Geofencing
  • Freely available open interface
  • Mobile App SDK solution for Indoor Mapping, Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding
  • Free for demonstration and testing. (Non-commercial use)

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