MS34SNA with IMU

With IMU & Support Simultaneous Multi-constellation High-sensitivity All-constellation GNSS Module

MS34SNA with IMU is a high dynamic, supporting simultaneous multi-constellation positioning and L1+L5, GNSS module with integrated RTK positioning engine. Built-in 12nm advanced process GNSS Soc chip, integrated dual-core Cortex A7 1.2GHz high-performance computing processor, the module supports GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS multi-satellite systems, and integrates 6-axis sensors (3-axis gyroscope) + 3-axis accelerometer) and GNSS RTK tightly combined algorithm engine, MS34SNA can achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy, greatly improve the positioning accuracy of the device, and support a maximum 20Hz fusion positioning refresh rate.


The module makes it ideal for industrial-type applications in the automotive sector (e.g. T-Box, car navigation, V2X), transportation sector (e.g. industrial vehicles, operational vehicle supervision), shared electric bikes, smart agriculture, etc.

Product Characteristics

  • Mainstream package dimension: 17.0 mm × 22.0 mm × 2.5 mm
  • Multi-satellite system support: GPS, BDS, GLO, GAL, QZSS and NAVIC*
  • Simultaneous multi-constellation positioning
  • Support IMU navigation function and combined with RTK algorithm
  • Long baseline RTK solving technology (40km+)
  • Support RTCM3.x ground-based enhancement data
  • RTK fast initialization as fast as 5 seconds
  • Support output RTCM data for CORS stations
  • Supports up to 20Hz Combined Navigation



Mode Type: MS34SNA with IMU
Ranging Accuracy: ≤1.2m (1σ)
Dimension(mm): 17*22*2.4
Supply Voltage: 3.3V
Pin Package: LGA-56pin
Output Mode: UART(TTL)
Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm
Algorithm: RTK + INS



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