ble sensor product
ble sensor product

BLE Sensor Tag

S3 Temp and Humidity Sensor with Display Screen
Max. storage 2,000 records

S1 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

E6 Light Sensor
Small size, ultrasonic assembling

S2 Light Sensor
Easy to attach

E7 Accelerometer Senso
IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof

E8 Asset Tag
Mini size for asset tracking

C10 Card Beacon

S4 Door/Window Sensor
Door open alarm

Minew S3 & S1 Sensor beacons help monitor ultra-low temperature in real-time

Based on BLE 5.0, our high precision temperature and humidity sensors help connect the vaccines end with the management end, collect and upload real-time data by gateway/phone, to control temperature conditions of the vaccines when abnormal alerts happen. Also, clients can develop their own APP based on our SDK to acheive data visualization any time, and upload the data to the cloud.  Our sensors monitor the vaccines temp. all the way until they safely arrive at the destination to help ensure shelf life of vaccines.

S3 Temp monitoring for COVID-19 Vaccine

S1 Temp monitoring for COVID-19 Vaccine

Application Scenarios

ble sensor product

Minew Custom Service

ble sensor ico1

Electronic Design
* Schematic and PCB Layout
* RF Test equipment for full verification
* Tight integration with mechanical design for low cost reliability

ble sensor ico2

Mechanical / Industrial Design
* Concept to Design
* Full Mechanical CAD
* Injection Molding

ble sensor ico3

Firmware Development
* Bluetooth Connectivity and Stack Expertise
* Embedded Firmware Development

ble sensor ico4

* Regulatory Certifications BQB, FCC, IC, CE, etc

ble sensor ico5

OEM / OEM Manufacturing
* Competitive Components Sourcing
* Fast Prototyping and on-time Mass Production
* Product Testing, Packaging and Quality Assurance