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B9 Quarantine Wristband

B9 Quarantine Wristband is a smart wristband, mainly designed for quarantine management with Geo-fencing during the COVID-19. With BLE5.0 and its smart design, it would trigger the alert when the wristband is being cut off or illegally removed, also, only switched off via App, it helps better manage the immigrants in the pandemic.

B9 Quarantine Wristband
Cut-off alerts

Cut-off alerts

Bluetooth low energy 5.0

Bluetooth low energy 5.0

App BeaconSET+ available

App BeaconSET+ available

SDK available

SDK available

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Typical Use Case

Quarantine Assistant

In response to the current global pandemic, Minew has developed this brand new Bluetooth communication Beacon, B9 Quarantine Wristband, carrying out the possibilities of protecting the safety of employees and reopening the economy, as well as resuming the immigration affairs of every country. As a qualified quarantine assistant, B9 can reduce the workload of epidemic prevention staff with its cut-off alarming and remote-monitoring functions. Wearing the B9, those temporarily monitored persons in the specified quarantine period can maintain social distance from others to complete self-isolation.
B9 Quarantine Wristband
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