• Do it
 all yourself.
  • Complete control from the Ring App.
  • Connect
 and customize.
  • Add emergency support.
  • Add emergency support.
  • Waterproof, Dust-proof, Easy to carry

    Based on marketing report, 74.3% of users are concerned
    about theirs devices being accidentally flooded.
    S3 is designed to eliminate their worries.

  • Safe and Reliable

    With premium battery, wide temperature performance
    and lower self-discharge rate, the long-term stability
    is guaranteed.

  • Install Easily,
    Start Immediately

    To install by simply peeling off the adhesive on the back of
    the device and then mount the main body and magnet to
    the door frame and door respectively.

  • Instant and Smart Notificaitons

    In case of tampering, an alarm siren will be activated and
    notification will be sent.

  • Everything under Control

    Perfect combination for cold chain solution. You can easily
    access to data through cloud platform.

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