• MINEW ESL solution cooperated with OPPO Changsha to build a mobile smart store

    MINEW ESL-Electronic Shelf Label solution, is not only display in beauty stores, cross-border E-commerce stores, supermarkets, warehousing and other fields but also focused on the social interaction favored by many merchants as the consumer groups become younger and more personalized in the house...
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  • Happy Halloween in Trick or Treat

    What’s your plan for Halloween? Still working in the company? NONONO, here will be a interesting activity to invite you and join us. In the morning of October 31th, MINEW held the fantastic the annual Halloween activity—Trick or Treat . That’s right, it is the live of the Halloween ...
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  • NEWS-Happy Programmer’s Day

    As we all know, The number 1024 is the most familiar and basic number for every programmer who writes code to build a technological world that improves our everyday lives. It is the existence of programmers that makes our lives more convenient and efficient. Last Thursday(October 24, 2019), our c...
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  • Bluetooth 5.1 beacon based on nrf52833 chip now is available on E2 Max Beacon

    Since the Nordic launched the new Bluetooth 5.1 SoC nRF52833 SoCs, we Minew as a strategic partner of Nordic , are in the first time to launch the E2 Max Beacon which supports the nrf52833 chip. We choose the Bluetooth 5.1 Beacon based on nrf52833 available on E2 Max Beacon which right now will ...
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  • A New Chapter For Bluetooth 5.1 , Nordic nRF52833 SoCs Was Just Born!

    Nordic just launched the new Bluetooth 5.1 SoC nRF52833 yesterday which will open a new chapter for the bluetooth 5.1 technology. According to what Nordic introduced for the nRF52833, it added some new features compared to the previous nRF52811 version, For instance, dynamic multiprotocol, larger...
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  • See what is the new bluetooth 5.0 beacon recently launched by Minew

    We are so excited to launch the newly beacon today! The location beacon’s upgrade series- i10 Indoor beacon is coming! The i10 Indoor Beacon refine perfect white and smooth design, plus the detachable housing structure makes it super easy to replace batteries so will not have to unscrew housing a...
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  • The Third Quarter Meeting And “All-Staff Reading Session” Activity Held Successfully

    On the afternoon of October 12th, Minew welcomed the third quarter meetings of 2019 and competition of the “All-Staff Reading Session”. General Manager Yan Zhuang, Director of Domestic Marketing Zhaoxi Long, Director of International Marketing Min Zhang, Director of Manufacture Center Cheng Tang,...
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  • Minew authorised Rutronik as Minew’s official distributor in BLE module lines

    Minew authorised Rutronik as Minew’s official distributor in BLE module lines. With over 70 Offices in three continents, Rutronik has more than 1, 700 employees and is the third largest distributor in Europe, which providing services like fastest Lead time for samples and mass production, process...
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