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E5 Ubicació Beacon

The Location Beacon E5 is a Bluetooth 5.0 iBeacon with stable RSSI signal specially used in indoor location.

It has a smart rotatable mechanical design for the housing that makes the battery replaceable easily and quickly. The user can configure the E5 Location Beacon via configuration app BeaconSET+.


    •  Advertise iBeacon & Eddystone simultaneously
    •  Replaceable battery 1200mAh
    •  Unique MAC address (ITU)
    •  Bluetooth 5.0 chipset nRF52 series
    •  The max. 100 meters advertising distance
    •  Internal power ON/OFF push button
    •  Extreme operation temperature -40 to 70℃


    Article valor
    color de la caixa blanc
    Model de la bateria 2 x ER14250
    Voltatge de l'operació 1.8-3.9V
    transmissió actual 5.3mA (corrent de bec)
    Abast de transmissió 100 metres
    nivell impermeable IP65
    antena 50 ohm
    accessoris Φ50 x 20,5 mm


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